Democracy and Political Rights

Want a Better Bangladesh? Two Words: Better Education


By Ramisa Jamil

Edited by Sameer Abdullah

When countries are well developed, and they are improving their conditions, it simply means that their literacy rate is high. The citizens are well educated, and they use education as a strength to protect and improve society in every aspect. Education plays a crucial role in the lives of the citizens of a country and the country’s development. It is essential, and as such, providing quality education to all its citizens is an essential responsibility of a country.

Compared to other countries, it is evident that the literacy rate of Bangladesh is very low. Even though Bangladesh is developing in many ways, if we look at the rural areas or even some urban places, we will find a huge number who are not educated. There are many reasons why people are not getting quality educations in Bangladesh.

One of the reasons for the high illiteracy rate in Bangladesh is the population growth. When a family has too many children, they cannot always afford education, especially in the rural areas. Due to this, the government needs to play a more proactive role in lives of the citizens to ensure that they get a quality education. The government can establish cheaper public institutions, which would be more affordable for the people. The government also needs to ensure that the books and the educational system are of adequate quality.  In this way more, people would be able to partake in a quality education.

Poverty also plays a big role in the education system’s attempts to provide quality educations.  It is hard to expect a child to go to school when he or she is starving to death. This is a major issue in our country in many areas, and we as citizens also have to take action to solve this. Often times, schools cannot run properly because of a lack of funds; this problem being more widespread in rural areas. The government needs to provide a proper amount of funds to the schools. The people without any education are more vulnerable to committing crimes which is detrimental to a country’s security and stability.

Instead of just beautifying urban places to attract tourists, the government needs to improve the education system. Although tourism contributes to the economy, it does not have such a big impact, a higher literacy rate on the other hand is much more crucial to improving economic and financial conditions across the country.

The literacy rate and the educated people of a country determine many things about that country.  When citizens are well educated, they are less vulnerable to crimes.  Also, more citizens can work at jobs and other things and make the country’s both economic and financial conditions better.  As such it is very essential for the government of Bangladesh to take action and help increase the literacy rate. Let us take steps for a better Bangladesh.


About the Author

Ramisa Jamil
Journalist of Democracy and Political Rights department

Ramisa is a student of William Carey Academy. Her interests include basketball, painting, and MUN.

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