Global Peace and Security

North Korea: The Unimaginable Nation

By Mubashirul Amin

Edited by Ariyan Islam and Adeeb Chowdhury


North Korea ; an unimaginable country.

Where women are seen without makeup, and still look like aesthetic pieces of art. “ heaven lake , Paektu mountains ”,as the name suggests, is a piece of heaven itself; miles and miles green that seem endless with the addition of sprinkled yellow flowers that makes the sight flawless. There’s a place called ,”south of Wonshan , Kangwon province”.The light, sky colored water washes off the sands of time constantly trying to take it with them. The warm sand will mesmerize your feet into keep walking forever.

Not much is needed to say about to say about the arch of reunification , in Pyongyang. the majestic sight will take you back the sepia age of cinema.

The Rimyongsu falls, they are one of the most beautiful waterfalls to have ever existed in North Korea. It’s really a difficult job to describe it in words, so, I’m just not going to try. But yes, the tranquil view of a million water droplets spreading out to the water as gazillions more just as it comes in contact with the water of the lake is something you would want to witness with your own eyes rather than reading about it on an article, trust me on this one. And yes, the sound of the waterfall is, in a word, dulcet.

One of my personal favorites is the Pohyonsa temple in the Myohangsan Mountain. the serene sight of the temple will compel you to give yourself a treat and set your eyes of on what’s inside. And, the funny thing is, the mountains look much better from the inside of the temple rather that the outside.


Now that you’ve heard all that, let’s get to the ‘real’ part of the country.

As we know, the current dictator (I know you thought about Aladeen just now) of North Korea Kim Jong Un has built up a reputation of being creatively brutal. He has turned the act of killing into an artform.

Some of his terrifyingly creative methods of killing include shooting the so called “victim” with guns that were meant to take down planes when shot with patience and a touch of experience. All this was done in order to make the body unrecognizable and therefore resulting as an avoidance of forensic tests. Something similar was done to an official using a mortar round.

First, I feel it is completely ridiculous to elect such a man as the dictator. I get the fact that his dictatorship was nothing but Daddy’s cup of tea passed down to junior, but, a nation is made by its PEOPLE, not a person.

My view of his dictatorship ends with a quote;

the world will need leaders, and so will it need followers. So, it’s our job to decide who’s best for what”


North korea has turned into a hellhole. The people are tortured at minor mistakes (that’s what they say they are) at such an extent, the worlds seems like a bad anime plot. These people have no fault at all. But, they are being hurt,killed,raped contantly. The people on north korea have been isolated from their basic human rights for 7 decades. And unfortunately, none of the world governments have done something to free them from such a tyrannical rule.



The birthplace of a human can NEVER be the reason of justification to be oppressed. NOTHING gives a person the right to rule over a nation and kill it’s will from within.


Words from a refugee:

She was asked to tell us about her past. And the following paragraphs are an adaptation of what she said;

…it wasn’t easy for us to leave our country. Not that we loved it much, no. Afterall, we never got a reason to love it. We never got to see the fairlyland our country once was, where people were free. All that  our generation got were the myths that our ancestors had passed down. But, at some point, you’d understand that it is a fairytale after all; an attempt to make us believe  that we were free once.

There in only one channel in our country. There is no internet ,no social media, heck there isn’t a society to begin with. Everything is a crime in our country. We cannot sing, write, speak, see according to our will. The moments that we’re alive are the only indulgence we ever get to have.the only luxury we get is to breathe, to live. We never saw or heard about a love story, ever. There is no Eleanor & park , there is no Romeo & Juliet. All we ever get to see are clips to brainwash or sabotage us. 

I remember my mother telling me to not even whisper. I could not speak, not because it was scary or because of my mother. It’s because I was too busy envying the mice and the birds .I felt so enraged that I couldn’t  fly away into the sun like the birds or run away like the mice.

 There are many times I faced death with my own eyes. When I was born, I was abducted right after birth. Even before I knew the words “human rights” or “freedom” I was ripped off of them. My first moments were not in my mother or my father’s arms, is was in a pendulum where I could either live, or die. The second time, it was when I was 9 years old. My friend’s mother was executed in front of me. Her crime?  Wathing a Hollywood movie. I was petrified as I saw her head fall off of her head. I was blank; I didn’t know what to feel. I felt a nimbus of death, surrounding me, dimming the vision, invading my spine and filling it with painful snow of sorrow.

I was thirteen when we fled from our country. When we left a piece of our identity behind.

I don’t remember much as to how we got to the boat. But all I remember was; my mother being raped in front of me. He was a Chinese broker, and he targeted me. There is a saying in our country; women are weak, but mothers are strong” and maybe that’s why she stepped in. she let herself to be raped, for me.

There are many girls out there who are being sold for a mere $200 into prostitution. And no matter how many times they say it not what they want , at the back of their head, they feel it’s better than going back to North Korea.

When we were at the gobi dessert, we put all of our hopes to a compass. Leaving a part of us to be lost with the wind with every step. And when the compass stopped working, we followed the stars to freedome.

Maybe I failed to touch your hearts with my words. Maybe I couldn’t tell you about the pain these people bear every moment of their lives. But yes, I will you one thing; North Korea, it’s an unimaginable country.


About the Author

Mubashirul Amin
Journalist of the Refugees and Racial Minorities department

Mubashirul Amin is an O level candidate who is currently a private student. His hobby includes observing anything in which life vibrates. He shares an avid interest of dark places and has an illness of wanderlust, and has a ‘thing’ for knowing words. He specializes in delivering sarcasm to the less intelligent and pieces of writings to people.

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