Global Health and Environment

An Analysis of Cars: A Threat to the Environment?

By Muskan Mortuza Mustarin

Edited by Arham Ahmed and Adeeb Chowdhury


In the year of 1913, Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in car manufacturing which enabled many middle-class Americans to afford automobile.1 Very quickly, other nations emulated the process and soon, cars were being churned in thousands each day. The cars were initially invented for the purpose of making transportation faster and more comfortable, compared to the old methods of transport which included horse drawn carriages. However, cars today are not exactly serving its original purpose.  Cars in traffic jams will not be travelling much farther than a horse drawn carriage did in the years of 1900s.

The increased use of motor vehicles has contributed to the creation of nerve-wrecking traffic jams. Jams, in major cities like Dhaka, can stretch so long that one might just as well walk. The over-crowding roads can also lead to serious accidents that can involve many cars to pile up on one another. People who suffer from traffic every single day of their working life will be stressed and tired, which has a negative impact on their quality of life & health.

Apart from this, over-usage of cars can lead to a lot of environmental problems as well. The greenhouse effect is the progressive heating up of the earth caused by the effect of man-made gases. Motor vehicles are one of the sources which emit these sort of gases. Smoke containing toxic substances are fed into the earth’s atmosphere in a daily basis. When fuel is burned, sulfur dioxide is formed, which in turn reacts with water droplets to form sulfuric acid. Similar reaction occurs with nitrogen. These fall as acid rain which contribute in destroying forests and mass crop failures. 2

Air pollution has always existed but turns out, it is increasing even more rapidly in the last centrury years or so. The increased use of motor vehicles causes a lot of complicated problems. Unless its use is curbed, we can only expect the traffic and environmental problems to increase and worsen in the future.

About the Author

Muskan Mortuza Mustarin
Journalist of the Global Environment and Health department

Muskan is a  private AS Level student. She is an intense bookworm and finds great pleasure in writing & blogging about books. She believes Public Speaking to be one of her strong qualities. Muskan loves interacting with people about all things nerdy.

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