Democracy and Political Rights

A Roadmap for Distinguishing Between the Republican and Democrat Parties

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By Yen Debnath


Though the United States of America is a quite young country, it has a long, diverse history. The two main political parties, The Democratic Party and The Republican Party, have been formed almost two to three centuries ago. These two parties have shaped America as we know today. Both parties have been working on accomplishing the goal for the American Dream, which says “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement, but with vastly different perspectives. The nation has been split almost evenly debating about the global issues to solve them in a way that would make the Founding Fathers proud.

Over 200 years ago, the Democratic Party was founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson. The party commits who help the needy and poor so that every person receives equal rights regardless of race, ethnicity, etc. It is built upon the basis of focusing on the power and equality of diverse citizens. The Democratic Party thrived during the 1900s when great Democratic presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy served the country. This party still remains in the present as the two major political parties of the United States.

The Republican Party was formed during the early 1850s. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, stated, “In all that people can do for themselves, the government should not interfere.” Through this widespread quote, he established the party’s perspectives and ideals. The party then established and grew until they were worthy enough to hold onto office sixty of the next one-hundred years, and survive today as a leading party.  There were a few other parties such as the Whig Party, the Liberty Party, the Free-Soil Party, and the American Party, but the Democratic and Republican parties happen to be the only two surviving parties of the modern decade.

Democrats govern by following a liberal philosophy, which is that the proper role for the government is to maintain and regulate the economy as well as distributing wealth to the more needy. They believe the government should provide safety and opportunity for every individual regardless of wealth or power.

Republicans follow a more conservative philosophy, believing that it is not the government’s responsibility to care for each individual. Their party is based on personal responsibilities, that each person should be allowed to determine how he or she wants to life his or her life. Democrats often criticize their policies by saying that their main goal is business.

Some key issues that these two parties argue about:

Energy: Democrats believe in a more environment-focused energy system for a cleaner country, whereas Republicans see different energy options as less harmful to the environment.

Education: Democrats believe in lowering school and college rates and increasing taxes for the distribution of wealth. Republicans think that the government should not interfere in the state and local control of institutions.

Healthcare: The Democrats want the citizens to purchase healthcare insurance through the government, but the Republicans want to lower the taxes on healthcare insurance to make easier for them to purchase on their own.

Economy: The Democrats want to impose higher taxes on citizens who earn more, whereas Republicans want the taxes to be the same for everyone.

Military: The Democratic Party believes in low spending on military, but the Republicans want to spend more to ensure national security.

Immigration: Democrats believe that immigrants should have the same rights and freedom as US citizens, but Republicans do not allow immigrants to have the same opportunities as US citizens.


About the Author

Yen Debnath
Journalist of the Democracy and Political Rights department

Yen studies at William Carey Academy and is currently in ninth-grade. Some of his interests include soccer, basketball, movies, listening to music, and video games etc. He loves to be up-to-date with what is going on around the world and express his opinions about global events.

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