Democracy and Political Rights

We Need a Greater Female Presence in Government


By Ramisa Jamil

Edited by Sameer Abdullah 

Its 2017 and everyone is talking about equality, education, opportunities and discrimination. In our government system, we can see a lot of people representing and expressing these concepts vividly. However, a closer inspection of current shows us there are very few women represented in the government system. As a result, they have less of a voice and they cannot elaborate about the need for women empowerment and equal rights. Why are there so few women represented in the government system, and why do they not have an equal voice?

Even today in Bangladesh, especially in rural areas, many people are still afflicted with the belief that women are inferior. They think women are not equal to men, and as such, women do not need any education or jobs.  Due to this, many women in the rural areas lack education. There are few schools, and many girls have to work at others’ houses as maids to support their families. Women are being discriminated in many ways, and in Bangladesh we can see more girls facing child labor.  Girls are being raped and tortured on a regular basis, yet often time the culprits are set free.  The fear of being kidnapped or raped also causes regrets in many families, and so they fear to send their child out of the house.  Generally, a lack of education, opportunities, and support from the families prevents women from participating in the government and having an equal voice in society.

For women to have an equal voice in society and the government, the first and foremost reform requires an improvement in the current education system. Education should be prioritized by the people for both men and women. It is necessary for the government to open more educational institutions in the rural areas and to that they are not discriminatory “Boys Schools.”  We have to make sure there are schools where both boys and girls can participate and are given equal opportunities. As more institutions open and the girls get equal opportunities, there will be noticeable and drastic improvements in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, it is also important for the government to implement other strategies to improve the education system. These strategies include supporting the independence and mobility of women. Also, if the government were to take responsibility for women’s safety and health conditions, then families would be less reluctant to allow the women to take jobs. To empower women, the government has to protect women’s rights and provide equal opportunities for them so they can also represent and be part of the government system.  Women should have an equal voice not only in society but also in government.

Increasing the representation of women in the government system will also empower women. When women have an equal voice in the government, they will be to address the different issues and problems women all around the country face. Women will also be able to advocate and advance the rights for not only women but also children. There are so many issues women which are often ignored and many of them will be better expressed and adressed by female representatives.  If women are given equal opportunities in the government, even women can reach great heights. For example, in Bangladesh our prime minister is Sheik Hasina and she is doing a great job in encouraging education and taking care of women’s rights. We also have Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury who is no less than man, and she is showing great leadership in the parliament of Bangladesh.

It is important that women get an equal voice and equal rights of power in the government system. This will improve the country’s economic and political issues and also there will be a high literacy rate. For a better future, and for a better society, it is imperative for us to provide women with equality. If we fail to do so, then we will be squandering a great potential that could lead us to unprecedented heights.


About the Author 

Ramisa Jamil
Journalist of Democracy and Political Rights department

Ramisa is a student of William Carey Academy. Her interests include basketball, painting, and MUN.

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