Gender Equality

Gender Abuse Is a Two-Way Street

Labiba 2

By Labiba Raida 

“You are a mess!”

“You are disgusting.”

“You’re a waste of space.”

Not a lot of words, but no one deserves these. Women get sexually assaulted and it becomes a big issue. On the other hand, men get harassed too. Their assault is not always physical. Rather, it’s mental. If there is something that has been done to a woman, you see thousands backing her up. Yet, if there is something a man gets pulled too, the whole society would turn against him.


No one knows the answer—well, perhaps they do, but will not say it aloud because if men cry they are coward. If boys even get a little sentimental it is thought to be a disgrace for the whole gender. Men are supposed to endure pain but not speak. People will never have their back because if you are supporting a girl it is just being more humane but if you are supporting a guy, who perhaps also needs as much care as the girl does, it is going against what is right. Men are VICTIMIZED but you will not see it until you actually stop gender discrimination.

Everything said up there sounds unrealistic?

Oh well, it is not.

Everyday there is another new story building up. Most you are all unaware of, because they are the ones where men are being victimized. Let’s let you know a story that is brewing up at your own city, at your own neighborhood, at your own street, at the house beside you or at the apartment above you. As you reading these lines, somewhere out there is probably a guy who is closing his doors, getting into his room, hiding himself, wiping his cheeks off and trying to move on or trying to plan his suicide. What might be the story behind everything he is doing right now?

He was probably the person who has had the worst journey loving someone. He probably was the one who had trouble trusting someone because of the multiple times when he ended up with a broken heart in return of the love he gave. Yet, he trusted someone again. Their conversations were great to him. He enjoyed being able to tell her everything. He liked that someone was trying to at least see him smile, and so he was breaking his wall. He was breaking all the boundaries and was trying to talk to her about everything. Slowly and slowly they were getting into deep conversations as well as many other types. She seemed interested and had a will to know, so he never refused. He did not know these were only ways to get back to him.

Then, came the day. The day when he would get to know that his trust was broken again. She had put his secrets up for exhibition. They were now public issues that people could just judge him on. Who cared about what was right? Who cared about the actual situations?

Everyone had a way to stand up and fight for a girl and show their humanity, and in this 21st century who lets that chance go? No one does, and so no one did. There were people who he called best friends but not until the day these happened he figured that they were not his friends rather they were just people who he knew and they were also using this golden opportunity to show off their “humanity.”

Who knew what they were risking? No one did.

He now is probably the person perusing success. He probably is the person that ran away from all these and found his escape to greatness. He probably found the real people that he deserved and now he is smiling again. He might have had lost a little of “old” him but now has found the “new” greater him, but what did you all lose?

You all lost a friend, a chance to stand with a person in need of help, a chance to save someone; but what did you choose? You all chose your chance to show how extremely “just” nature you all belong to. How you all can keep your eyes closed and let men die for women that will fill your lustful needs.


About the Author

Labiba Raida
Chief Editor of the Gender Equality department
Labiba is a student at CIDER International school.
She describes herself as a bibliophile,
conversationalist , and logophile.


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