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The Authors of the Youth Internationalist Association

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Thank you to the wonderful group of remarkable people from various backgrounds and institutes that came together to make the YIA possible.


Adeeb Chowdhury AdeebAlt.jpg
President and Senior Editor of the YIA
Adeeb is a student of William Carey Academy, currently in Class 10. He has served as a published writer for a range of magazines, blogs, and newspapers,such as The Daily Sun, The Daily Star, World Orphan Center, Bangladesh Study Forum, Women Chapter, Mukto-Mona (Free Mind), Shuddhashar Magazine, and as a former senior editor of The Bangladeshi Humanist. He is also the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the community service organization RYC Bangladesh. His interests include debating and Model United Nations (MUN), and is the Vice President and Co-Founder of the WCA-MUN Club as well as the Secretary-General and Event Director of the upcoming WCAMUN Conference.



Arham Amani Ahmed
Vice President and Chief Editor of the
Global Environment and Health department

Arham is a student of William Carey Academy, currently in Class 10. Her interests include writing, listening to music, and reading. She is also an avid blogger on Tumblr and an award-winning MUNer.





Abdullah Ariyan Islam
Creative Director and
Chief Editor of the Global Peace and Security Department
Ariyan is a student of Al-Hidaayah International School. His interests include reading books from across all genres, studying scientific, mathematical and philosophical concepts, conducting science experiments, travelling, debating, talking to people about their views, and community service.




Labiba Raida
Chief Editor of the Gender Equality department
Labiba is a student at CIDER International school.
She describes herself as a bibliophile,
conversationalist , and logophile.





Syeda Maisha Zahir
Chief Editor of the Refugees and Racial Minorities department
Maisha is an O level graduate from Chittagong International School. Her interests include reading, writing, music, baking and poetry recitation. She enjoys discussing and learning about world issues.





Sameer Abdullah
Chief Editor of the Democracy and Political Rights department

Sameer is a student at William Carey Academy. He likes to walk the path less trodden and advocate for the devil. He also loves online gaming and learning new stuff. Too often, he finds himself pondering and analyzing society, constructs, the human mind, and anything that affects the lives of those of us living on earth.




Ariyana Khan
Journalist of the Global Environment and Health department

Ariyana is a student of Chittagong Grammar School. Besides reading, she likes writing, baking and getting to know about things unknown to her. The celestial body is her favourite topic of discussion. Ariyana can be reached on





Insirah Mim
Journalist of the Gender Equality department
Insirah is currently an 11th grader at William Carey Academy. She takes great pleasure in writing poetry, dancing, singing, acting and playing basketball. She strongly believes in being kind and good to others. One day, Insirah hopes to help people all over the world.





Dinyar Islam
Journalist of the Global Peace and Equality department

Dinyar is a tenth grader at the Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh. His strong admiration towards world politics, opposition towards violence and a general interest for expressing thoughts through words has motivated him to becoming a journalist of YIA. Serving as a writer for the department of Global peace and Security diplomacy, debate and leadership can help resolve ongoing conflicts and establish peace in the world. Being a firm believer of the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”, he hopes he can make the world a safer and better place through his contribution.


Manizaa Chowdhury
Journalist of the Gender Equality department
Manizaa is a student at Sunshine Grammar School. Her interests include writing and crafting.




Mubashirul Amin
Journalist of the Refugees and Racial Minorities department

Mubashirul Amin is an O level candidate who is currently a private student. His hobby includes observing anything in which life vibrates. He shares an avid interest of dark places and has an illness of wanderlust, and has a ‘thing’ for knowing words. He specializes in delivering sarcasm to the less intelligent and pieces of writings to people.




Muskan Mortuza Mustarin
Journalist of the Global Environment and Health department

Muskan is a  private AS Level student. She is an intense bookworm and finds great pleasure in writing & blogging about books. She believes Public Speaking to be one of her strong qualities. Muskan loves interacting with people about all things nerdy.





Prachya Chowdhury
Journalist of Gender Equality department
Prachya is a student of William Carey Academy. His interests include photoshop, video editing, and soccer. He is also an award-winning MUNer.






Radeef Ahmed
Journalist for the Gender Equality department

Radeef is a student of Chittagong Grammar School, in the Batch of 2017. His interests include golfing, dancing, and MUN.






Yen Debnath
Journalist of the Democracy and Political Rights department

Yen studies at William Carey Academy and is currently in ninth-grade. Some of his interests include soccer, basketball, movies, listening to music, and video games etc. He loves to be up-to-date with what is going on around the world and express his opinions about global events.





Ramisa Jamil
Journalist of Democracy and Political Rights department

Ramisa is a student of William Carey Academy. Her interests include basketball, painting, and MUN.






Ruslan Rahman
Journalist of Global Environment and Health department

Ruslan studies in William Carey Academy and just entered grade 11. He is really into music, tech, and sports. He says he’s not much of a writer but is really interested in politics and issues the world faces. Ruslan want to express his views and start writing which is why he thought joining YIA would be a great idea.




SK Sadman Sakib
Journalist of the Gender Equality department
Sadman is currently studying A levels from Sunshine Grammar School. His interests include books (but not adult ones), movies, English TV series, and anime.







Sreya Quazi
Journalist of the Democracy and Political Rights department
Sreya is a senior at William Carey Academy. She takes interest in basketball, drama, creative writing and reading.






Tamanna Ali
Journalist of the Global Peace and Security department

Tamanna is a student at Cider International School. As a debater and a MUNner, her goal is to enrich towards being a successful politician/lawyer in the near future and thus, she embroils to as many world issues and tries finding out an alternative resolution to every problem. She believes that we can all make a difference and will do the best she can in her own little ways. Tamanna hopes you all like her perspective and opinion in all the articles she writes, so don’t forget to keep yourself updated with this masterpiece website because we are about to drop the world’s hottest newsflash!



Nurul Ahnaf Ihsas 
Journalist for the Refugees and Racial Minorities department

Nurul is a student at Notre Dame College , Dhaka. His interests include debates, MUN , football , and cricket.




Fatema Botul Chowdhury
Journalist for the Global Peace and Security department

Fatema is a student at Chittagong College. Her interests include writing, reading, and psychologically analyzing people and pondering various issues.






Tarannum Tasnim
Journalist of the Refugees and Racial Minorities department

Tarannum studies in grade 10 at Al-Hidaayah International School. She is a full time bibliophile who watches anime, searches for literary gold, listens to music in her free time.





Zarif Shabab
Journalist of the Global Peace and Security department

Zarif is from William Carey Academy! He has a lot of interest in sports and international politics. He is really looking forward to give you guys some great things to read about!






Nafisa Maliyat
Journalist at the Global Peace and Security department

A nineteen year old adventurist, figuring out life and people; whilst struggling to hold on to inner peace. Deep novels and picturesque movies are as dear to her as are the company of honest mouthed friends.
Catch up with her under a dripping wet cloud, on a lonely trek through lonelier streets.

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