From the Executive Council

Our Mission at the Youth Internationalist Association



By Adeeb Chowdhury, YIA President 

My fingers nimbly race across the worn keyboard, breathing life into the Youth Internationalist Association and marking the genesis of an initiative that I hope will soon evolve into something great.

Except that’s quite a narcissistic and self-centric description of the beginning of the YIA. I cannot possibly, without shattering my personal standards of intellectual integrity, take so much credit for the Youth Internationalist Association. The formation and evolution of this blog is a story written by multiple hands, minds, and souls. It is a story of cooperation and close discussion among interested writers. And that is exactly what you can expect from this Association — a vast diversity of thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

This principle — the principle of multiplicity and collaboration among various contributors — lies at the heart of the Youth Internationalist Association. We recognize that as the world develops, free communication and expression of ideas is essential. Human civilization is quickly becoming more and more interconnected. Countries and people groups share tight-knit bonds that have proven to be resilient, refusing to wither away even in the face of conflict and difficulties. I personally believe that this sense of global connection is what will truly define the modern age — the fact that the artificial borders of nation, race, religion, and more, are crumbling away as people grow more connected to other people who are different than them.

However, this does not mean that nations or religions are becoming irrelevant. This new, unified global platform offers the perfect opportunity to represent your country and promote your personal values. If this platform is utilized correctly, it can work wonders.

This Association was born from the urge to utilize the global platform. My vision was to bring together a group of remarkable people who can achieve things they couldn’t on their own. They can access an opportunity to express their ideas loud and clear. They can have a voice, in a world that doesn’t usually let them speak.

“Teenagers and high schoolers” is not a phrase often spoken with a great deal of admiration. (Understandably so.) But I believe — and I hope I can prove this belief to establish it as reality — that teenagers and the world’s youth has a tremendous deal of potential. They can truly make a change. They can truly wade through complex issues and offer vibrant solutions. They can provide perspective and insight, often from a personal level, on a variety of elaborate occurrences and topics.

Our mission here at the Youth Internationalist Association is simple. Ina nutshell, we aim to provide news and analysis of various issues that have an impact on international peace and goodwill. This can be the threat of terrorism. Or the grave injustice of inequality in the realms of gender, race, and sexual orientation. Or perhaps the rise of religious conflicts, and what we can do to resolve them.

That’s just a handful of topics we will be discussing. It is nothing more than a glimpse into the colorful — and often chaotic — world of international issues. But at the YIA, we prioritize genuine and unabashed coverage of diverse problems and ideas.

Our goal is to help young writers voice their views on the vibrant story of the world — because in the future, they will be the ones crafting that story.


2 thoughts on “Our Mission at the Youth Internationalist Association

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